Szene Fuenf „Fields Of Loneliness“

Freitag, 13. September 2019 von 19:00 bis 22:00 Uhr,
B5 – Vereinsheim der Bretterbude (Böcklerstraße 5, Freiburg

Elektronische Musik ohne die im 4/4-Takt stampfende Bassdrum. Was passiert wenn der Rhythmus fehlt oder nicht so läuft wie erwartet? Findet sich ein Muster im Rauschen? Was macht diese Stimmung mit mir? SZENE 5 bietet euch die Möglichkeit, im kleinen Rahmen auf Entdeckungsreise in neue Musik und die eigene Gefühlswelt zu gehen. Inspiration zu sammeln und den Horizont zu erweitern.

Wir freuen uns außerordentlich die Reihe mit großen Namen in unseren kleinen Räumen fortführen zu dürfen.

Einlass ab 19 Uhr – Beginn ist pünktlich, da wir um 22 Uhr zumindest leiser machen werden. Dieses Mal mit Chaotalion, B ( ) TONG und Emerge die gemeinsam auf „Fields Of Loneliness“-Tour sind.

CHAOTALION is perhaps the most eccentric spawn and the actual main project of musician and sound artist Alexander Marco who has been in the spotlight for quite a while with the more danceable sound of his Industrial Fusion project SaturmZlide. He has played at numerous big festival such as Maschinenfest, Forms of Hands or Wave Gotik Treffen. Chaotalion on the other hand, a project that was born in 1997, transgresses conventional structures of electronic music; rhythm and melody are only a minor issue on Marco’s electroacoustic playground. With experimental dark drones and ritual scapes he creates hypnotic, surreal atmospheres that transfer the inclined listener to completely different realities. The collage-like soundscapes of Chaotalion are always arranged with great detail; with an enormous archive of field recordings, his typical analogue sound and unique references to the occult, Marco gives his works a distinctive and personal character. //

Sascha Stadlmeier (b. 1977) has been releasing electroacoustic music with his project EMERGE on international labels such as Drone Records, Tâalem and Frozen Light since 2001. A composer working at the intersections of musique concrète, drone, and noise, he has also been an increasingly active presence in the field of free improvisation since 2016. In addition to live electronics, his improvisation practice involves guitar, bass, and amplified objects. Collaborations with other musicians from a very wide range of styles form an important part of his work, with collaborators including If,Bwana, Doc Wör Mirran and Toy Bizarre. He has been touring Europe extensively, with concerts in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, and Bulgaria. His music has been presented at many international festivals including Avantgarde Festival, lab30, 20 years of MGNM, Zasavje Noisefest, Ecological Sound of Varna Fest and Autistic Campaign Fest. While a prolific composer and performer, Stadlmeier has also created various sound installations and a radiophonic composition for West German Radio’s renowned Studio of Acoustic Art. Since 2010, his label attenuation circuit has established itself as an important hub in the international experimental music scene, with releases by more than 100 artists from numerous countries to date. attenuation circuit also regularly organises concerts of experimental music at Stadlmeier’s home base in Augsburg, Germany. http://www.attenuationcircuit.de

b°tong (hostile soundscapes, noisy tectonics, drones and tones)
Swiss/Swedish soundscape artist Chris Sigdell (former member of German cult industrial groupNi∂) melts the boundaries between ambient electronics and musique concréte. Since the 2005inception of his solo project B°TONG, he has toured in 24 countries, performed at such diverseand renown festivals as Audio Art Festival (PL), Bruitisme (F), Kildemose Festivalen (DK), Lab30(D), Les Digitales (CH), Norberg Festivalen (S), PNEM Sound Art Festival (NL), Shift (CH), Støy PåLandet (N), Temple Of Silence (PL), all the while releasing acclaimed albums on genre-specificlabels like Auf Abwegen, Drone Records, Reverse Alignment, Silken Tofu or Zoharum. Besides performing with B°TONG, Chris composed and plays live the soundtrack to Vertikal – acontemporary performance piece by circus-artist Finn Jagd Andersen (Zirkus Gonzo), directed byDelia Dahinden. In a more conventional musical field he is also known as the bassist and singerin psyche-doom band the Leaden Fumes (ex-Phased). // //

The latest releases are:
– Probing The Boundaries CD/download (Marbre Negre/Zenapolae 2019)
– Monastic CD/download (Reverse Alignment 2017)
– The Long Journey CD/download (Reverse Alignment 2017)